Location: Los Feliz, Los Angeles 
Type: Single Family
Design Team: Katy Barkan, Hannah Hortick, Laura Grombone, Zephyr Zhu
Date: 2022/24

Slip House is a single-family residence in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, currently permited and targeted for completion in 2023. The project dislocates and redistributes the domestic interior from its typical bounded conditions, allowing rooms and programs to drift and bleed beyond their assigned spatial containers eschewing the norms and decorum of the typical house.

The existing site comprised an aggregate of structures including a main house, a garage, and a detached ADU, and the aim of the project was to bind together these disparate territories into a new coherent whole. Rather than adding another component part to the project, the design instead seeks to negotiate the variety of existing rooflines into a single unifying container. However singular the form may appear on the exterior, the many internal territories it gathers within are allowed to spill and bleed beyond their respective extents. 

In typical residential projects material is a proxy for program. Tiled bathrooms, carpeted closets, wet kitchen floors, etc. all stand in for specific functions taking place in specific places. In this project the interior material programs are set into tension with the broader formal ambitions of the single-family house. The new addition stitches the house together while simultaneously producing areas of heightened intensity and saturation that creep and slip beyond their partitions. The kitchen slips and into the yard; the bathrooms leak into the corridors; and closet sneaks into the bedroom; each heralding its presence even behind closed doors. This project brings together a dual interest in the capacity of abstract form to negotiate and deal with competing concerns; and the aesthetic and cultural associations of the material world that resists this system of formal control.