Location: American Academy in Rome, Italy
Type: Installation
Design Team: Katy Barkan, Dillon Gisch, Stefano Silvia
Date: 2021

© Daniele Molajoli Photography

The installation “Obelisk Interior” inscribes a 1:1 replica of the Vatican Obelisk in the cortile of the American Academy in Rome. Threading horizontally through the courtyard, the imposing dimension of the vertical monolith is reimagined as tensile, light, and hollow, bringing the public into a new proximity with this recurring monumental form. Below the levitating volume, the projected shadow of the once-vertical figure, slips and doubles the metaphysical presence of the obelisk. Made of scaffolding netting and gravel pavers, the project calls on the invisible language of construction to produce a new monumentality. In this project the monument’s multiple valences are laid bare: scale, form, structure, materiality, and environment, multiply to surface its many latent valences and unmoor the hegemony of the monument.