6 Work Surfaces

“Superposition” Exhibition

UCLA Perloff Gallery / 2019
Built/ Installation

Project Team: Sana Jahani, Hannah Hortick, Casey Knudsen, Philip Brown, Nick Miller

“6 Work Surfaces” considers the authority of formats of display and installation, by proliferating a series of noncompliant projections that point towards alternative readings and occupations of the gallery. Framed through the term “superposition” —the overlapping of elements that exist in multiple states at once, both merged and discreet—the installation puts forward reshuffled hierarchies of support and display, form and representation, materialism and abstraction, ground and ornament. Ultimately allowing for category errors, transpositions, and irresoluble differences to coexist. The installation looks  towards the amplifications and refractions made visible through coincidence and intersection.

© Joshua White Photography