2 Walls

Los Angeles / 2019
In Progress/ School

This project, for a new experimental middle school in Westchester, Los Angeles, establishes an attitude towards open ended figures that construct and reconstruct their surroundings. The school is based on a participatory and democratic model that takes seriously its mission to radicalize education through rethinking relationships between teacher and student, between student and student, and between student and their community. The proposed is an architecture of partial figures to meet the mandate of a dynamic and flexible educational model. The project imagines the possibility of a school comprised of a series of provisional walls loosely delineating the boundaries of program and the grounds of action. The minimal distribution of walls is juxtaposed against the aggregation of material surfaces they describe. Working with partially built walls, double walls, split walls, of various material definition— from homosote surfaces, chalkboard, drywall, tile, greenscreen, etc. materials are allowed to slip from their vertical supports to produce horizontally defined grounds which provide alternative definitions of threshold, of here and there. The wall is deployed in the project as a reduction of architecture to its most fundamental element, the line— at once an abstraction and a material construction.

Project Team: Michael Deprez, Sarah Caluag